Monday, June 13, 2005

Tyson is Done!

Okay, can we finally close the book on "Iron" Mike Tyson? He was just been defeated by a spare Irish dude, Kevin McBride.

Tyson after being pushed down by McBride.

Tyson's corner threw in the towel after six rounds. As he was fading, Mike went to his bag of dirty tricks. He tried to break McBride's arm at one point. Come on, is this the heavyweight fighter that for a brief time was a world beater? What a downward spiral it has been. Because of his enormous debt, I am sure this circus will travel someone and fight another spare boxer. Will anyone watch? Does anyone care?

I don't think Tyson will ever be forgotten. Unfortunately he will not be remembered for his great moments. He will be remembered for losing to the great James "Buster" Douglas and the infamous biting of Evander Holyfield.

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