Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This is funny

Okay, this is my last post concerning Tom Cruise. This was to funny to pass up. A "reporter" in London walked up to Tom to ask him a question about his new movie. The reporter asked the question and pointed the mic at Tom to record his response. This is where the bit begins. It was a fake mic. As Tom begins to answer, a stream of water squirts out in the mega-star's face. Ha, Ha, Ha, Tom did not see the humor...

Hollywood star Tom Cruise wipes his face with a towel, Sunday June 19, 2005, in central London after being doused with water during his walkabout before the premiere of his new film War of the Worlds. Cruise was speaking to journalists when a man with a microphone squirted water in his face and all over his jacket. (AP Photo/PA, Multimedia)

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