Thursday, June 09, 2005

Review: Pei Wei

For lunch today I ate at Pei Wei (Pay Way). It is a self proclaimed Asian Diner. It is part of the PF Chang group. I eat there pretty often and would highly recommend it. Today, as I do often, I had the "Dan Dan Noodle Bowl." It is a TREMENDOUS dish. I would also recommend the honey seared chicken, lemon pepper chicken, crab wontons and the edamames (soybeans). Click here to see the menu.

The place is always packed, but don't let the line at the door scare you away, it goes fast! I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Pei Wei in Frisco. It is reported to be headed this way very soon.

My advise to you is to go and eat at Pei Wei if you like Asian food!

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rsherrard said...

I didn't realize what real "Asian" food was like until I visted Beijing last summer.