Sunday, October 10, 2004

OU got to be kidding me!

Once again the great Bob Stoops embarrasses Mac Brown and the Texas Longhorns in the “Red River Shout-out.” It should be no surprise by now. I think Brown is very good football coach. Every year Texas is in the hunt for the D1 Championship. Well, that is until they play Oklahoma, of course. This year, Stoops and the Sooners shut the Longhorns out. That is the first time in 24 years the Longhorns have been shut-out. Vince Young is only good if he can run. He cannot throw the ball. And, if he could, I am not sure who he would throw it to. The receivers at Texas leave quite a bit to be desired. Should Brown be fired? NO! He has turned the Longhorn program around and they are now winning 9 or 10 games a season. He just can’t beat Oklahoma. And for everyone outside of the Longhorn nation, it is REALLY funny to watch! Hook’em.

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