Sunday, September 12, 2004

Product of the System

It is now obvious to me that the high flying air show you will see at Texas Tech football game is due solely to the system. I originally thought that it was due to great players. Now Leach’s system is on it’s third quarterback. The story is the same. This weekend Sonny Cumbie completed 44 or 70 passes for 449 yards. The opposing quarterback completed 12 or 26 passes for 173 yards. Cumbie almost completed twice as many passes as the other quarterback attempted. I am sure that is just an average game for Cumbie this season. Don’t get me wrong, you have to be able to throw, and throw that many times per game. So there is talent. And, you have to have receivers that can catch. However, just plug in a guy with a cannon, and let’em fly. I am not longer impressed by the incredible numbers Tech puts up during the game. I am now concerned with one number only. WINS!

Leach’s system reminds me of the Dallas Mavericks and Don Nelson. The high flying, fast scoring, offensive show. Nelson has proved time and again, it does not win championships. You will win games and the stats will be incredible, but can you go all the way? Are we, as fans, watching be entertained, or to root our school to a championship?

The Big 12 is a very tough conference. The south division is the toughest. Tech realistically strives to be the third best in the south division behind Oklahoma and Texas. One, if not both, of those defensives shut our air attach down. So what are we trying to do? I guess knowing the cards are stacked against us the “bust show on turf” makes it a little easier for us Red Raider fans to swallow the 7-6, 8-5 seasons where we end up in the bowl. I guess it could be worse. We could be Baylor. It is fun beating Texas A&M every year. Those Aggies get so wound up. I hope that new coach down there doesn’t rain on our parade.

Oh, and based on the passing stats I shared above. You would guess we won that game. Right? No, we lost 27-24. So what good is it? If Tech wants to make a statement, the numbers we need to be throwing up are wins, and lost of them.

I am still a die-hard Red Raider. I only want the best. We need to bring some championships out to the Hub City. Baby steps of course. We will take the Big 12 South, and then the Big 12, and then a BCS bowl, and then National Championship. Are we on the right path?

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